What Was I Thinking?

 Film, TV, Webisode and Radio Appearences:

What Was I Thinking is now a Major Motion Picture!
The Today Show watch online
Oprah & Friends with Gayle King listen online
The Gregory Mantell Show

Magazines/ Newspapers

O Magazine (the Reading Room)
Men’s Journal (excerpts followed by advice column)
Complete Woman (excerpting 4 pieces)
Venus Zine
USA Today
Elle Magazine
Time Magazine

Katherine Ruppe (What Was I Thinking contributor) will be in The Modern Love column of the New York Times

Online Reviews

Single-Minded Women Blog
This Next
The Roanoke Times
Guru of New
The Frisky
Ask Wendy Weblog
USA Today
Captivate Book Review
Boring Name Better Art Blog
UCLA Extension Blog
Sam Horn Pop! Blog
Elle Magazine
Time Magazine
Sacramento Book Review
Emerson News
Edmonton Journal
Scheir Madness

Live Readings

Video of the Live Readings from February 15th Coming Soon!






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